Cuban cigars have acquired an enormous mystique across the world. They continue to lure people especially in Europe and. Some of the best Cuban cigars include;

Montecristo No.2

Most of the cigar smokers regard Montecristo No.2 as perhaps the best cigar in the world. It has become the reference point to which every other torpedo compare themselves to. Their size varies from medium to full body. They also boast about perfectly balancing spice and smooth cream state.

La Gloria Cubana Medaille d’Or No.3

The cigar is continuously forgotten to be initially a Cuban brand even though it has the name Cubana. It combines a blend of aged Cuban tobaccos that make it have a rich flavour rare in most of the mellow Cuban cigars. Inside the excellent wrapper is a wonderful taste of honey, fruit, and notes of leather.

Partagas Serie D

It is perhaps the oldest cigar, with over 160 years in the cigar business. It is not well known as Montecristo and Cohiba, but still, It is a real connoisseur’s choice for a Cuban cigar smoker. It has a perfect woody finish and a fantastic size. With all these years in the cigar business, it is evident that their blends are among the best.

Punch Double Corona

It is well known for its adherence to a high level of quality. A team in their production even go ahead and smoke the samples from previous day’s production to ensure that indeed they meet the standards. With this, you are sure you are smoking a cigar with utmost quality. It is an epitome of complexity combining vanilla notes, dark fruit, pepper, and nuts.

Bolivar Belicoso

This cigar boasts as possibly the best full bodied figurado in the cigar market. Crafted right in the lungs of Cuba at the old Partagas plant found in Havana, Bolivar Belicoso has an immensely complicated profile and a fantastic flavour. The profile starts with a floral taste and then follows a spicey fruit flavour. It is also incredibly smooth and bold.

Cohiba Esplendidos

It is from Cuba’s leading favourite cigar brand. It has a Churchill shape and features a length of seven inches and a ring gauge of 47. It is deemed as the perfect cigar for the seasoned smoker. It has a spicy flavour mixed with peppery notes.

Cohiba Behike

It is very limited cigar in the market. However, it has still gained popularity in the cigar market. The cigar is made from the best aged tobaccos in Cuba such as the Media Tiempo. The type of tobacco leaves used by Cohiba is one of the highest leaves of the tobacco plant and considered as exceptionally strong. It is also perhaps the most expensive cigar still in production today.

Juan Lopez Selleccion No.1

With a ring gauge of 46 and 5.6 inches long, the cigar comes with a dark and oily wrapper containing aromas of coffee and chocolate. It is a Corona Gorda and delivers just the goods in many ways. It goes well with a cup of Cuban coffee or a Cuban rum.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

For the cigar smokers whose desire is to smoke a long, delicious, and well-rounded cigar, then this Cubana Corona will be the best choice for them. It comes with an excellent mix of coffee and cocoa with a touch of spicy aftertaste. It also has a superb aroma and excellent burn. For the cigar smokers who like playing golf or being around a golf course, this is a perfect cigar for them.

H. Upmann Petite Corona

It lacks the size but comes with a fantastic flavour. Found in 1844, H. Upmann continues to have changes in its size and maintains to be a little beauty for good reasons. These good reasons are its excellent blend of coffee notes and spice. It is also former president John F. Kennedy’s favourite cigar.

Cohiba Lancero

Some may argue that this cigar is not one of the best cigars, although it deserves this due to its unique features. The first thing is that it is not only a deliciously smooth cigar but also the first ever developed Lancero. The Cohina Lancero was explicitly created for Fidel Castro. The cigar is also considered as a choice for the educated cigar smokers. Behind its beauty is excellent craftsmanship.

Ramones Allones Specially selected

The cigar comes in medium to full body size. It has a rich flavour profile, and a nice even burn. It combines coffee notes and dark chocolates with a slight touch of spice. The cigar is deemed as best treat after dinner.

JR Cuban Alternative

It is one of the closest things to a genuine Havana. It features seven inches in length and has a standard Parejo shape. The term alternative indicates that you can purchase it anywhere in the US.

Choosing An Air Purifier For Your Home

As someone who enjoys cigars, you might have spared a thought for the air quality around your home.

In fact, if you are married at all, you may have been forced to think about this issue.

Because now, as the weather turns colder, it is no longer possible to simply open the window and waft the smoke out of it.

And even if it was, our significant others might have some strong views about whether this was adequate for helping the air quality!

In order to maintain the atmosphere – and the peace – at home, it might be an idea to consider getting an air purifier.

But what should you think about before making a purchase?


There is more than one type of air purifier out there. There are some which specialize in making the air safe for sufferers of allergies, some that deal with chemical toxins.

If your partner or even yourself should also suffer from hay fever or an animal allergy, it is worth considering an air purifier with HEPA filters to remover the allergens such as pollen.

But, it is most likely an air purifier for cigar smoke that you will want to purchase. These also have the advantage of additionally removing other smoke particles, such as the smoke that comes from an open fireplace or cigarettes. The odor from smoke is especially tricky to remove, so you need to make sure the air cleaner you buy has at least two different filters inside. Firstly a HEPA filter, which can remove even the tiniest particles, but also a carbon filter which is especially adept at getting rid of bad odors.

There are a number of these machines to choose from and a brief perusal of any air purifier catalog or site should give you ample to decide between.


A lot here depends on which, or how many rooms you smoke in.

Most people confine themselves to only one room – be it the lounge or the living room. In that case, a portable air purifier should be more than adequate.

However, for people who may require it, you can also purchase systems for the entire home.

This may also be a better solution for complete elimination of odors all over the house. One of these systems actually fits into your domestic HVAC and helps to keep the air clean and pure all over.


When you go shopping for an air purifier, it will come with a recommended area that it can cover.

Measure the room or rooms that you wish to situate it in and then make your choice accordingly.


There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to the features on an air purifier.

If you are looking for a portable system, then consider having the unit on casters. It will be far easier to move from A to B and then back again.

You can choose to have strong fans, with a multitude of settings, however, this may not be the best choice in the bedroom of a light sleeper!

Similarly, for someone who wants to be able to alter the settings easily, without having to get up and move constantly, a remote control may be something to consider getting.