Write For Us!

Our site needs YOU!

Martyscigar.com needs your input to help us improve our site.

We are looking for two more bloggers to join us and help spice things up around here!

We are also on the lookout for some reviewers, to sample and report back on the best the market has to offer. Yes, you read that correctly; sample!

Although we cannot pay or bloggers or reviewers, we do arrange for samples to be made available to anyone reviewing a product for our site.


As a blogger you don’t need any formal qualifications, but the ability to entertain people and turn out sparkling copy.

We are looking for blogs of between 400 and 1000 words long to feature in our weekly updates.

These need to be concise and snappily constructed articles, which are easy to read and fun for the general interest reader.

Our readership consists of both the connoisseur and the novice cigar aficionado alike.

Be prepared to explain things to our readers, but never to patronize them!

And as for the topics, well that is up to you. Review events, places, meet ups and of course, brand names.

Histories of manufacturers and the culture of cigars all make good subjects for our blogs. As do personal preferences and favorites, of course.

What you write about is your decision, but it must be something that appeals to others and is easily accessible to a general readership.

Our readers are here for information as much as they are entertainment. So, if you can bring knowledge and some facts into the article, then this is even better.

Although we cannot pay our bloggers – this is a not for profit site, started purely for interest – we are able to occasionally send out samples and gift sets for our writers and bloggers.

Also, our blog is read by thousands of people each week and your writing will gain exposure, as well as being an effective and useful profile for your work.


We are also looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable reviewers to contribute to our weekly blog.

Every week we review at least three brands and products, for our readership to try.

We never officially endorse any product or brand and all your views will remain your own.

But we do need someone with a degree of expertise and experience in the field of cigars.

To apply for either of these positions, please drop an informal line to Marty!