About Me

My name is Marty Witt and I have been an aficionado of quality Cuban cigars for more years than I want to remember.

This blog was started in 2008 as a celebration of all things Cuban and leafy.

And it has expanded since then into a weekly update, with all the reviews, views and news it is fit to print!

Although I absolutely do not endorse any one manufacturer or brand, I have been pleasantly surprised by the largesse of some of the industry personnel since beginning this blog.

Writing this weekly update, I have made new friends and become far more knowledgeable about my hobby, than I ever could have imagined.

What began just as gentle musings on life and cigars has now turned into something much more complete.

I have traveled the world, visiting places and participating in events such as Big Smoke Las Vegas and various other festivals and occasions.

As well as reviewing products – and events – I have also begun, tentatively, to arrange meet ups and social happenings for the followers of this blog.

The first grand meet up occurred in 2016 and I was so blown away by the reception that it received, that I immediately repeated the experience in 2017. This proved to be even more successful than the first event and was attended by over a hundred readers!

So, in 2018, I am hoping to hire a bigger venue and be able to attract more people.

In 2017 I had to turn people away, as there was no room for more to congregate – this is not something that I want to have to do again and this year, I hope there will be ample room for all who want to come.

What was started as a personal blog has now become a social activity and I look forward to meeting more of you in the New Year!